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What Will Happen Next?

In our pulp serials, the twists and turns in the storyline raise your heart rate as the installment ends in a cliffhanger. On and on, all the tropes are present: jeopardies and hazards, mad villains, dark humor, genre-busting storylines, and, of course, lots of zany sex. If you desire a complex plot with your erotica, these serials will take you on a wild, globetrotting ride into your darkest, pulp fantasies.

Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures

Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures is a neo-noir pulp serial with tongue-in-cheek humor and zany erotic situations. A genre mash of erotic pulp fiction, occult detective mystery, and globetrotting thriller, Vicky’s adventures are for those who want story-driven erotica with a madcap twist.

Gambling debts, blackmail, some microfilm, a bottle of rye. Tongue on the roof of her mouth, hard-boiled exotic dancer Vicky Valentine loves solving a mystery. A scream. A dead stiff. A nymph giggling. Black and white chiaroscuro shadows represent Vicky’s world. She’s a globetrotting babe who screws with abandon and rocks out, while still finding time to paint her nails.

Fans of Conan the Cimmerian, Red Sonja, Solomon Kane, The Domino Lady, Mike Hammer, Philip Marlowe, or James Bond will love her scandalous escapades at-home and abroad. Vicky thinks of herself as competition for the most sensual woman in the world, Emmanuelle. And her erotic adventures rival the legends Sweet Gwendoline and Madame Claude. She’s a suicide girl with revenge in her heart and sex on her mind.

Vicky Valentine’s Prequel Adventures

Vicky also appears in two stand-alone prequel stories set before the events of Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures. These self-contained stories fill in the gaps of her history. In the prequel Dalisay’s Wish, Vicky works as a bar girl in Southeast Asia. Vicky befriends an amnesiac call girl trying to escape a pimp’s clutches, but things go terribly wrong. And in 12 Days of Christmas, Vicky goes head-to-head with the Striptease Strangler, a serial killer who targets exotic dancers.

Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Confessions

Fans of Vicky can also find more intimate stand-alone encounters in her blog Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Confessions. She reveals her most candid secrets of her life before the events of Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures. Vicky has an erotic lap dance in an American nightclub, a sexual run-in with an exotic double-agent in Paris, and she’s on the wrong end of a witch-hunt in a Japanese hostess bar. Each blog entry relates her erotic encounters at home and abroad in all their scandalous detail.

“One could say I’m an experienced woman with many adventures behind her, but it’s not that romantic. I’d say I’m an unlucky gal with many tough breaks. Doesn’t matter. A girl has to make her way, and dancing is mine. Besides, I like it—the attention I mean. I love when they watch me. Nevertheless, it’s hard under the microscope all day, but worse things exist. Believe me, I’ve seen them.

I take the stage and enter that strange place I fear and respect. That place that gives guys hard-ons and girls Venus envy. That metaphysical space where I lose myself to eroticism.

I take a step forward. Bright lights conceal the men in back. Better that way. Most of them are overweight chimpanzees with too much gold dangling around necks and knuckles dragging the floor. I scan the crowd up front. A little weak on handsome. Too bad. I was in the mood to play.”

Victoria Valentine

Will You Pull The Trigger?

Read Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventure Volume 1 or try out Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Confessions absolutely FREE for the most absurd, whacky, pulp erotica with an occult twist. And If you’re interested in a bundle instead of a standalone story, please head over to our Longreads page and check out Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures: Volumes 1 – 4 (Collection + Bonus Prequel).

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