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Dark Erotica Books Editor's Picks

Dark Erotica Books features titillating fiction with darker themes. Our short stories, novels, and serials contain horrific elements, extreme desires, supernatural evil, grim or tragic situations, or taboo transgressions. Many stories contain multiple partners. All tales contain mature content for adult readers.

You’ve worked hard on all your knots and pacts—now indulge yourself in a world of BDSM power. Ultrashort stories read in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Rare bookseller, Aleister Holloway, stumbles into an erotic relationship with an eccentric couple, but the two lovers guard horrific secrets.

A female reporter interviews an artist, but he guards a terrible secret. The interviewer has a desire of her own, namely backdoor intercourse.

Do You Want Some Adventure With Your Sex?

What will happen next? The erotic twists and turns raise your heart rate as the installment ends in a pulp cliffhanger.


The Best In Longform Content

Dark Erotic Books also has novels and long-form print books.

The Erotic Tales of Bucephalus explores the limits of eroticism, diving into a turbulent world of sexual corruption and self-reflection in the novel format.

Electrifying Stories Of Sexy Wives & Their Husbands

Wives learn how to stand up to their other halves and force them to see what they’re worth in sizzling, unorthodox marriages.