Lipstick Lesbian Tales 2 | The Coven

Lipstick Lesbian Tales #2: The Coven

ABIGAIL SEDUCED BY A COVEN OF WITCHES! Interested in witchcraft, Abigail meets a mysterious stranger in a used bookstore’s occult section. Invited to a Halloween party at the stranger’s house, the curious woman arrives to find several beautiful ladies engaged in a strange ceremony. Abigail has never loved a woman before, but that’s about to change. What will happen when she pleases several?

Hardcore Level:

Includes: coven, cunnilingus, ff, ffff, fingering, goth, group, initiation, lingerie, masturbation, menage, older woman, rimming, sixty-nine, stilettos, train, witch

Print Length: 25 pages

Type: Standalone Story (For Men & Women)

Price: $2.99

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