Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures | Volume 2

Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures Volume 2

In Volume 2, Vicky Valentine and True continue their bisexual escapades through Utah. First, the desirable duo seduces two strangers. Next, they play in a kitschy Salt Lake City motel room. Later in New Orleans, they meet a mysterious voodoo mistress and her blind chauffeur. After a lickety-split ménage à trois, the voodoo mistress leads Vicky to an underground club called Le Malaise. Without warning, Vicky faces an undead army and their diabolic master, but will Vicky survive to fight another day?

*Warning: This is a serialized story with massive cliffhangers.

Hardcore Level:

Includes: anal, bisexual, cunnilingus, ff, fff, group, horror, interracial, lesbian, menage, paranormal, ritual, sex club, strap-on, suicide girls, supernatural, threesome

Print Length: 48 pages

Type: Cliffhanger Story In A Series (For Men & Women)

Price: $2.99

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