My Cuckold Wife 6 | Office Roulette

My Cuckold Wife #6: Office Roulette

MY WIFE & THE OFFICE! My cuckold wife is an insatiable slut, so I always find ways to please her. As a challenge, I command her to play sex roulette with the lawyers at her law firm. As each encounter becomes more daring, I follow her around the office watching her progress. But what will happen when she knocks on her boss’s door unannounced?

Hardcore Level:

Includes: anal, bisexual, bull, cuckold, cunnilingus, double penetration, fellatio, fff, game of chance, gambling, gang bang, hotwife, lesbian, masturbation, mmf, mmmf, oral, sex roulette, voyeur, wife

Print Length: 27 pages

Type: Standalone Story (For Men & Women)

Price: $2.99

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