Paranormal Erotica | Shadows Turning Red

Paranormal Erotica: Shadows Turning Red

Sexy stories of intense, explicit erotica. These otherworldly seductions in contemporary and historical settings feature ghosts, old gods, witches, magic and madness, and howls in the night. Lovers of atmospheric paranormal horror, weird science fiction, and dark fantasy will adore the Paranormal Erotica series, tales of the taboo and macabre.

A reoccurring dream. A mysterious stranger. An unearthly desire. Sheridan, an urban spelunker exploring the ruins of Detroit, meets an elusive outsider who saves her from a dark fate. What begins as a curiosity ends with her entering a world of quixotic obsession. Can Sheridan escape the vampire’s master-slave enchantment? Find out in Shadows Turning Red.

Hardcore Level:

Includes: anal, cunnilingus, dominant, fellatio, fingering, master, mf, seduction, slave, submissive, vampire

Print Length: 30 pages

Type: Standalone Story (For Men & Women)

Price: $2.99

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