Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures | Volume 1

Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures Volume 1

NEO-NOIR PULP EROTICA! Gambling debts, blackmail, some microfilm, a bottle of rye. Tongue on the roof of her mouth, hard-boiled exotic dancer Vicky Valentine loves solving a mystery. A scream. A dead stiff. A nymph giggling. Black and white chiaroscuro shadows represent Vicky’s world. She’s a globetrotting babe who fucks with abandon and rocks out, while still finding the time to paint her nails. With her sidekick and double-agent ex-boyfriend mucking up the production, Vicky dances her way to erotic ecstasy.

In Volume 1, Vicky Valentine masturbates while prepping for a sultry dance at a Portland strip club. Later, she engages in a steamy lap dance with her troublesome ex-boyfriend Wilhelm Wilder. As a double-agent, he’s burned her before, but his charms are difficult to resist. He offers an easy job worth fifty grand. Vicky reluctantly accepts and starts a tense cross-country motorcycle journey with her bisexual girlfriend True. After an orgasm or two, the duo discovers two mysterious G-men lurking in the shadows, but are they friend or foe?

*Warning: This is a serialized story with massive cliffhangers.

Hardcore Level:

Includes: bisexual, adult humor, dark erotica, erotic noir, exotic dancer, femme fatale, ff, humorous, lesbian, menage, mf, mmff, occult, pulp fiction, stripper, suicide girls

Print Length: 44 pages

Type: Cliffhanger Story In A Series (For Men & Women)

Price: $2.99 $0.00

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