Lipstick Lesbian Tales | The Collection

Lipstick Lesbian Tales: The Collection (Volumes 1 – 5)

FIVE STORIES OF LIPSTICK LESBIAN ACTION! In these five stories of lesbian lust, women from all walks of life indulge in sex with other women. Includes Volumes 1 – 5 of the “Lipstick Lesbian Tales” series (previously published).

Volume 1: My First Time – Claire and Josephine work as fashion models for a department store catalog. One night in the dressing room, things become personal as Claire speaks of a lesbian fling from the past. Claire’s story intrigues the other woman. Josephine never tried anything lesbian, so what does it take for her to cross the line?

Volume 2: The Coven – Interested in witchcraft, Abigail meets a mysterious stranger in a used bookstore’s occult section. Invited to a Halloween party at the stranger’s house, the curious woman arrives to find several beautiful ladies engaged in a strange ceremony. Abigail has never loved a woman before, but that’s about to change. What will happen when she pleases several?

Volume 3: Her Majesty – While cleaning Her Majesty’s throne room, poor Gwendolyn spills a bucket of mop water across the floor. Infuriated by her carelessness, the merciless queen demands reprimand beyond mere humiliation. Gwendolyn has never loved a woman, but that’s about to change. What will happen when Her Majesty delivers penitential to her loyal subject?

Volume 4: Plain Jane – Best friends for years, Jane and Becky couldn’t be more different. Jane prefers a tomboy lifestyle as a personal trainer while Becky enjoys a glamorous life as a make-up artist. One night in their apartment, Becky reveals her desire to apply Jane’s make-up. Jane protests, but soon succumbs to Becky’s lesbian flirtations. What does it take for Jane to satisfy her friend’s advances?

Volume 5: Mardi Gras – As a digital nomad, Gabriella has seen most of the USA. Walking along Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, she meets a mysterious older woman who reveals a penchant for alleyway debauchery. Gabriella has never been with a woman, let alone a stranger. What does it take for her to succumb to lesbian desire?

Hardcore Level:

Includes: anal, bisexual, costume, cunnilingus, fashionista, fingering, first time, group, interracial, lesbian, makeup, models, older woman, rimming, sixty-nine, strap-on, vibrator

Print Length: 76 pages

Type: Previously Published Bundled Stories (For Men & Women)

Price: $7.99 ebook / $9.99 print

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