New Release | Paranormal Erotica: Shadows Turning Red

Paranormal Erotica

New Release in the Paranormal Erotica series called Shadows Turning Red

At Dark Erotica Books our paranormal tales explore extreme desire, paranoia, and obsession. These stories contain more literary beats and haunting descriptions, a certain atmosphere often lacking in contemporary erotica. You’ll love these chilling tales of debauchery if you’re a fan of Victorian erotica or the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

These otherworldly seductions in contemporary and historical settings feature ghosts, old gods, witches, magic and madness, and howls in the night. Lovers of atmospheric horror, weird science fiction, and dark fantasy will adore the Paranormal Erotica series, tales of the taboo and macabre.

New Release in the Paranormal Erotica Series

Paranormal Erotica: Shadows Turning Red (Price: $2.99) (Read a sample).

A reoccurring dream. A mysterious stranger. An unearthly desire. Sheridan, an urban spelunker exploring the ruins of Detroit, meets an elusive outsider who saves her from a dark fate. What begins as a curiosity ends with her entering a world of quixotic obsession. Can Sheridan escape the vampire’s master-slave enchantment? Find out in Shadows Turning Red.

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ABIGAIL SEDUCED BY A COVEN OF WITCHES! Interested in witchcraft, Abigail meets a mysterious stranger in a used bookstore’s occult section. Invited to a Halloween party at the stranger’s house, the curious woman arrives to find several beautiful ladies engaged in a strange ceremony. Abigail has never loved a woman before, but that’s about to change. What will happen when she pleases several?

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