Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures | Volumes 1 – 4

Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures: Volumes 1 – 4: (Collection + Bonus Prequel)

FIVE SEXY STORIES – ONE LOW PRICE! This collection contains Volumes 1 – 4 plus a bonus prequel titled Dalisay’s Wish (previously published).

Gambling debts, blackmail, microfilm, a bottle of rye. Tongue on the roof of her mouth, hard-boiled exotic dancer Vicky Valentine loves solving a mystery. A scream. A dead stiff. A nymph giggling. Black and white chiaroscuro shadows represent Vicky’s world. She’s a globetrotting babe who fucks with abandon and rocks out, while still finding the time to paint her nails. With her bisexual sidekick and double-agent ex-boyfriend mucking up the production, Vicky dances her way to erotic ecstasy.

In Volume 1, Vicky Valentine masturbates while prepping for a sultry dance at a Portland strip club. Later, she engages in a steamy lap dance with her troublesome ex-boyfriend Wilhelm Wilder. As a double-agent he’s burned her before, but his charms are difficult to resist. He offers an easy job worth fifty grand. Vicky reluctantly accepts and starts a tense cross-country motorcycle journey with her bisexual girlfriend True. After an orgasm or two, the duo discovers two mysterious G-men lurking in the shadows, but are they friend or foe?

In Volume 2, Vicky Valentine and True continue their bisexual escapades through Utah. First, the desirable duo seduces two strangers into group sex. Next, they play with a large strap-on dildo in a kitschy Salt Lake City motel room. Later in New Orleans, they meet a mysterious voodoo mistress and her blind chauffeur. After a lesbian lickety-split ménage à trois, the voodoo mistress leads Vicky to an underground sex-club called Le Malaise. Without warning, Vicky faces an undead army and their diabolic master, but will Vicky survive to lick another day?

In Volume 3, Vicky Valentine discovers clues to a beloved friend’s whereabouts in a New Orleans bookstore. An impromptu bookshelf blowjob leads to a flight to Seoul, South Korea. Vicky descends into Seoul’s pulsing underworld with lipstick lesbian temptations, lovers abound, and assassins sent to kill her. Bewitched, Vicky falls for a transsexual nightclub singer who gives new meaning to “Drop dead gorgeous.” Vicky enlists the help of a sexy Interpol agent, screws a handsome stud in a Korean love motel, and discovers a terrible surprise in a nightclub’s washroom. With betrayal around every corner, will K-pop best Vicky once and for all?

In Volume 4, Vicky Valentine journeys through a carnal odyssey on a mysterious island. Like Dante’s hell, the subterranean complex displays sexual depravity as one moves through the levels and corridors. Sneaking around like a cat in heat, Vicky indulges in a dominatrix training day, masturbates to group sex on voyeuristic computer monitors, and slides herself into a massive oil orgy. Reaching the top of the secret base, she faces her archenemy, the nefarious Don Diab. As he unveils the crux of his occult power, the dark magician brings down the heavens and reveals a terrible reality. Will this truth shatter Vicky’s heart now and forever?

In the Dalisay’s Wish prequel, Vicky Valentine works as a bar girl in Angeles City, the Philippines, the sex capital of Southeast Asia. Expatriate lowlifes and criminals abound in this dark world of steamy sex for profit. Voyeurism draws Vicky into the treacherous underbelly of Manila. Vicky befriends an amnesiac call girl trying to escape a pimp’s clutches. In walks a mysterious German stranger who offers help, romance, and an impromptu ménage à trois. Even with help absconding from the Philippines proves difficult. Vicky escapes this den of debauchery, but at what cost?

* Warning: This is a serialized story with massive cliffhangers.

Hardcore Level:

Includes: adult humor, amateur sleuth, bisexual, dark erotica, detective, erotic noir, exotic dancer, femme fatale, ff, hard-boiled, humorous, lesbian, menage, mf, mmff, mystery, occult, pulp fiction, stripper, suicide girls

Print Length: 214 pages

Type: Previously Published Bundled Serial (For Men & Women)

Price: $7.99 ebook / $12.99 print

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