Lipstick Lesbian Tales 4 | Plain Jane

Lipstick Lesbian Tales #4: Plain Jane

TWO WOMEN IN MAKE-UP PLAY! Jane and Becky couldn’t be more different. Jane prefers a tomboy lifestyle as a personal trainer while Becky enjoys a glamorous life as a make-up artist. One night in their apartment, Becky reveals her desire to apply Jane’s make-up. Jane protests, but soon succumbs to Becky’s lesbian flirtations. What does it take for Jane to satisfy her friend’s advances?

Hardcore Level:

Includes: cunnilingus, double penetration, ff, lesbian, lingerie, makeup, make-over, perfume, sixty-nine strap-on, transformation, wig

Print Length: 19 pages

Type: Standalone Story (For Men & Women)

Price: $2.99

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