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Frightened to waste your money on a new series or maybe you want to sample a stand-alone ebook?

Currently, Dark Erotica Books has several free ebooks through your favorite book seller (and previews for all books through Amazon.com). Discover the best of our website for free! Our site adds new free titles from time to time, so please check often.

Finally, our free books help readers sample the introductory entry in our most popular series.

Our Hottest Free EBooks

My Cuckold Wife #1: The Classified Ad

FOUR MEN AND MY WIFE! My cuckold wife is an insatiable slut, so I always find ways to please her. After placing a classified ad for her birthday, four men join us in a group celebration. Blindfolded, my cuckold wife has no idea of the surprise waiting in our walk-in closet. What will happen when she discovers all those large men waiting for her in that tiny room?

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Lipstick Lesbian Tales #1: My First Time

TWO GLAMOROUS WOMEN CROSS THE LINE! Claire and Josephine work as fashion models for a department store catalog. One night in the dressing room, things become personal as Claire speaks of a lesbian fling from the past. Claire’s story intrigues the other woman. Josephine never tried anything lesbian, so what does it take for her to cross the line?

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Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures Volume 1

NEO-NOIR PULP EROTICA! Gambling debts, blackmail, some microfilm, a bottle of rye. Tongue on the roof of her mouth, hard-boiled exotic dancer Vicky Valentine loves solving a mystery. A scream. A dead stiff. A nymph giggling. Black and white chiaroscuro shadows represent Vicky’s world. She’s a globetrotting babe who fucks with abandon and rocks out, while still finding the time to paint her nails. With her sidekick and double-agent ex-boyfriend mucking up the production, Vicky dances her way to erotic ecstasy.

In Volume 1, Vicky Valentine masturbates while prepping for a sultry dance at a Portland strip club. Later, she engages in a steamy lap dance with her troublesome ex-boyfriend Wilhelm Wilder. As a double-agent, he’s burned her before, but his charms are difficult to resist. He offers an easy job worth fifty grand. Vicky reluctantly accepts and starts a tense cross-country motorcycle journey with her bisexual girlfriend True. After an orgasm or two, the duo discovers two mysterious G-men lurking in the shadows, but are they friend or foe?

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Coffee Break Erotica BDSM 1: Oral Property

Coffee Break Erotica BDSM are ultrashort stories read in about 10 to 15 minutes. Perfect for a coffee break or a quickie. No frills. Right to the action. If you’re low on time and need satisfaction, then dive in!

In Oral Property, Alyssa Monroe is a bank manager at a large financial institution. Home invaders convince her to sign a property contract to aid them in a heist. What starts as a bank robbery plan turns into submissive oral play with her captors. But is the situation as it appears?

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Now That You’ve Sampled The Best Free Ebooks

Do you want more FREE EROTICA? Check out our blog Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Confessions, an offshoot of Vicky Valentine’s Erotic Adventures. In Vicky’s confessions, you’ll get firsthand, candid accounts of an exotic dancer who gets in over her head.

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